Terms & Conditions

1. We provide only kachchi for your program

2. We cannot provide more than fix quantity of cooked kachchi biryani because cooking kachchi is a time – consuming procedure. So, it`s not possible to process immediate cooking order. We will request to our honorable guest to choose right package for their program.

3. If cooked kachchi caldron is taken to 2nd , 3rd ,4th ,5th floor then guest have to arrange a passenger lift for kachchi serving.

4. For lunch program we will provide kachchi at 1:30 Pm noon. For dinner program we will provide kachchi at night 8:00 Pm.

5. We provide kachchi by our own pickup. So, customer have to arrange parking space for our pickup.

6. Guest can provide plates lf their own for proper food quantity counting.

Note: Guests are requested to go through above information attentively for smooth supply operation to their premises.